You should drink at least 1.5 litres a day to ensure you drink enough fluids. The best drinks for this are
- Tap water
- Still mineral water
- Unsweetened fruit tea
- Highly diluted 100% fruit and vegetable juices

Caution! Certain drinks are taboo during pregnancy and some should only be consumed in small quantities:

You should not drink alcohol during pregnancy. The following foodstuffs may also contain (residual) alcohol:
- Pastries
- Cooked sauces

To limit your consumption of caffeinated drinks, you should drink at most the following:
- 2-3 cups of coffee
- 4 cups of green or black tea per day. Please note that the following drinks may also contain caffeine:
- Icetea
- Cola
- Ice-Coffee
- Soft drinks with guarana etc.

Pregnant women should not drink (sweetened) drinks with a high caffeine content such as energy drinks. You should not drink drinks with quinine during pregnancy. These include
- Tonic Water
- Bitter Lemon