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While your baby only gets breast milk, they do not need any additional drinks. Once your child eats solid foods, you can also offer them water. Solid foods are foods that the baby gets in addition to breast milk or formula. Your baby will need drinks at the latest when they start eating the same food as the rest of the family. This is when the baby is around 9 months old.

Offer your baby something to drink. But let the baby decide how much they want. Water is the best drink. It is best not to give your baby any sugary drinks or juice. They do not need them. You must never give your baby drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol!
Getränke mit Koffein sind zum Beispiel Kaffee, Cola, Energydrinks oder Eistee.

If you have a private well for drinking water, pay attention to the water quality. Have the well checked by experts regularly. Sometimes, there is too much nitrate in the water of private wells. In this case, it is better to give your child bottled water that is suitable for baby food.